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there'll be no white flags; i'll always be in love.

Friday, September 24, 2010, 4:36 PM

Hehe I've gotta post my long overdue holiday photos next week as promised!!

I passed my Ftt!! :D hehe happy girl! Got 49/50 haha I owned Phillip again! He got 46/50 last time :p but the qns were alot more manageable than entrails which I failed :( so now I'm on the train towarda boonlay to surprise Phillip! :D he always treat me to nice food whenever I have interviews/impt events/tests/exams so today i'll treat him to nice dinner!! :D happy anniversary love! ;)

I reckon my eyesight is en route to deterioration! It feels so dry and tired after staring at the iPhone since I boarded the train at kembangan! Alas, the downside of technology and novelty!

I'm starving as I blogged an I'm urgently in need of a washroom too!

Raining heavily out there.. Wished I'm home all cuddled up in my smelly but comfy covers :p

Kay next stop and I'll be off the train!

To side track a little, this prc woman stepped on my flip flops because she wNted to squeeze past me which I absolutely refused to allow. Stupid woman, do you not know what's the meaning of queuing up????? Gosh hate ppl like her. You won't die if you don't get a seat!

Laters! Craving for koi!!!

, 12:31 AM

First time blogging using my iPhone! In case you haven realized, I got my iphone4 as an early birthday present from Phillip! :) thanks baby :) reason being I've been procastinating for the longest time ever, just nice my contract's up and he's having exams during my birthday period! Hehe I decided on the iPhone despite wanting a blackberry initially (even tho I'm a fan of apple's products! I owned a iPod mini and MacBook! Tho they are ancient alr!) iPhone because I want to surf the net whilst on the go and unfortunately blackberry has too small a screen for the purpose. So iPhone it is!

We went on Sunday to get it but to my dismay, they are out of stocks!!! So Phillip asked me to go tmr in the morning when they open. I got there at 11 but it's sold out!!! Was kinda annoyed. I got up earlier specially to get the phone but its not available! -.- the girl who was serving me must have noticed my disappointment, simply dismissed me by asking me to queue and direct the qns to her colleagues -.- I didn't say anything because I know it'll probably turn ugly. So I queued and whined hahaha yes i did that to the guy! So he double checked for me after saying my 16 gb is oos! Alas, he found the very last slip of paper that says 16 gb!!! Hehe I was soooooo happy! I mean I saw him running through the many slips of paper that says 32 gb and I was already prepared that I had to come back another time! Took me an hour odd more waiting for my turn!

I wanted the white iPhone but it's not gonna be released till end of year if optimistic and p was saying no point since I'll be getting pink casing and all which I thought made sense!

My iphone's named after the buyer - Phillip! Lol he requested okay! He said it's only appropriate that my iPhone be named after him. Lol ph well, if it makes him happy :p

My Ftt is tmr and I'm almost done (I think) but I failed my etrials like I always do. Sigh please let me pass my Ftt like I did 2 years ago! :) Anniversary luck pls! Yes today's our 15 months! Feels longer though.. Hehe :)

Watched Letters to Juliet this afternoon and l was moved to tears. It's about true love; how you should seize the moment and never having to look back and say 'what ifs' my kind of movie which p would prolly not get it haha :p

Lisi came back from hokkaido and brought us a box of chocolates each plus I have extra gifts!! Heh :) thanks bestie!

And true to his words, the initial plan was to go hongkong this dec/jan but now we might be going Tokyo! Nothing's confirmed yet after all I'm still unemployed and broke! Gonna chummy my driving after I pass my Ftt! Please let me pass!!! *fingers crossed*

Kay I'm gonna get back to my book because my arms are aching from using iPhone to blog!

See ya all soon to those who still bother checking my blog once a while!

I'm not gonna say life's been good because i think it's a jinx to say so. Never fail to have my world crashing down on me the very next moment those 3 words are uttered.

Note to self- Phuket photos aren't even halfway up! And the Melbourne pics! Better prove p wrong and upload asap! I promise to upload next week if I pass my Ftt :D

Friday, September 17, 2010, 2:49 PM



my dearest phillip chor found me a FEMALE instructor! WHY? hahahaha cos he says male instructors will have xian zhu shou! LOL TTM.

haha i'm heading out for my THIRD lesson now! :)

Monday, September 6, 2010, 4:46 PM
Melbourne - Day 1 17 Aug 2010

since i'm free now (sitting at Mac, waiting for p to finish class) i'll be continuing the updates for Melbourne!

as mentioned in my previous entry, got there aout 8 and George was already there to pick us up! He drove us back to his place, which seemed like AGES (but Brighton is actually not that far from Melbourne aiport). guessed it must be that we just got off a flight of 7hours odd. his cousin drives a LEXUS! BLACK LEXUS! I LIKE VERY MUCH! :D but his driving is kinda scary. to the extent that i'm actually afraid of him driving us to Mornington Peninsula for a double date! (Note to self. visit Mornington Peninsula the next time when i'm in Melb!)

Prior the trip, I've never heard of Brighton. Turns out that Brighton is near St Kilda, and Chapel Street! was kinda wistful that we won't be staying in the heart of the city BUT i was sold when i realised that Brighton is a quaint little town, just like those you see in Desperate Housewives! :D

Their house is open-concept; no walls unless necessary. that is to say, only walls when there's a bedroom. we slept in the lounge, had air beds (which p had to pump! ;p) was really skeptical about sleeping on air beds but it was actually quite fun!! HAHA. wrote to P's mummy and she said she would love to try too. only thing is, the air bed makes ALOT OF NOISE if you do toss and turn in bed! LOL.

whilst P pumped the air beds, i went to take my shower and when we're both done, we took a nap! got up around 3pm! before heading out to Chapel Street!! First stop of our Melbourne adventure! :D excited!!

P's aunty, Aunty Helen, brought us to the train station - Gardenvale. it was quite a bit of a walk to the train station though. 10 minutes! LOL. ws telling p that 10 mins in sg, i could have walked from my place to tampines MRT station. for once, i'm thankful that sg is land-scarce and not as huge as aussie! the weather is soooo chilly but i'm still super gung-ho on day one! LOL. wore 3 thin layers and i went out to the streets! (P had to wear 5layers + bubble jacket! HAHAHA!) but day 2 onwards, i can't take it anymore... boooo. HAHA.

Monday, August 30, 2010, 1:05 AM

it's been a long time since the hiatus. 2 months and i went 3 countries. what more can i ask for. time to get my feet firmly on the ground and start looking for a job! goodbye holidays! =( will see you in dec if time/money permits! i promise ;)

i should start blogging proper on my aussie trip before it fades into oblivion like my taiwan trip =(
(photos for phuket aren't even half finished!)

we went to MELBOURNE on 16th Aug 2010. it was a short 8 days trip because of my damned wisdom tooth op =(

let me sidetrack abit, PEOPLESEARCH is ridiculous really. they called phillip up offering him a job at the natas fair, and after confirming everything, when phillip came back from the hols, he called and asked, and guess what. the job is no longer avail. so fking pissed off. we couldn't extend our trip becos he felt responsible for the job. FK. we could easily have extended our trip by 3-4 days. so frigging pissed off really. arghhhh. =( i hate PEOPLESEARCH bigtime!

it was a last minute decision to go ahead with melbourne. was toying with the idea for the longest time but never thought it would actually be feasible given countless hiccups we had. we booked the tix on a wed/thurs for a flight out on a monday! very bold of us, considering i have no boots/proper winter wear. =( technically speaking, i do have them. BUT as you know, i used to weigh alot more so the winter wear is simply wayyy too oversized on me. no way am i gonna wear that! i wanna look pretty even though it's winter! ;p luckily phillip has 3 sisters! hahaha. borrowed a bubble jacket from angel (p's 2nd sister) and a knitted outerwear. got my boots at FEP for 15bucks! what a steal right!! =D love the boots to bits!! phillip is a very efficient shopper when it comes to shopping for others.LOL. we found the boots within an hour!! i have 2 sets of gloves and beanies. so i packed both sets into my luggage (one for p, one for him!) he stubbornly said he need not the gloves, beanie & bubble jacket. but he was thankful i MADE him pack into his luggage. lol. MELBOURNE FROZE OUR ASSES! :D sorry for the crude language. but it really was that cold!!!

i was busy like a bee as i googled everything that could be useful for melbourne. lol. ended up compiling a file so thick that we didn't have even slots for the notes! lol. of course phillip did his part (albeit minimal ;p) in researching. haha he knows that's nothing to worry about because his ganchiong girlf would ensure everything is prepared!! :D

EXCITEDDDDD!!! we took emirates! first time on emirates. excited!! :D finally no need jetstar!!! ;p departed on the night of 16th, (1030pm flight) and daddy drove us there. we got there at about 8 in the morning aussie time. (7 hours flight, aussie is 2 hours ahead sg time) our luggages (put together) weigh slightly below 30kg! didn't sleep much on the plane, maybe less than an hour whilst p slept most of the time. meal onboard was alright, a little below my expectations given that its emirates! watched The Last Song (Miley Cyrus) onboard. i love nicholas sparks' stories! flight was pretty empty, so i slept on phillip's lap. sorry baby! heh i was barely into sleep and tadah, time for breakfast -.- grumpy!!

i had a full body search whilst phillip had to remove his belt, outer jacket, hp, blahhhh. -.-

when we came out of the gates, phillip's cousin, george, was already there waiting for us! ;D thanks george! he's really hospitable!

Thursday, July 22, 2010, 11:34 AM
TAIWAN TRIP ( 8 - 17 June 2010 ) - Liqing, Poh Li Si & Natalie Goh Cai Wen!

i had to refer to my blog to remember when was the last time i actually blogged, and boy, it was SO long ago! the last entry was dated 19 June 2010, two day afters my return from taiwan grad trip with the girls!

(this is an attempt to try blogging again! so what should i start?)

this trip certainly brought us all closer, and sorta got me and lisi talking again. taiwan was one country i didn't expect to visit, not when i'm always trying to be so angmoh-ish. HAHA. anyway, in retrospect, i'm really glad i made this trip! else god knows how much fun i would have missed out on!

photos are ALL up on facebook! ( I DID QC OKAY!! haha! )

i truly enjoyed my stay in kaoshiung and kenting, can't quite speak the same for taipei. WHY IS THAT SO! i seriously dont quite get it, since taipei is the capital of taiwan! it is also the highly raved must-visit city! but it turned out to be quite a disappointment, the streets were dirty, messy and run-down. totally not cool. :(

kaoshiung - 4 days!
our hotel is the most awesome one we stayed!! :D credits to nat for finding it! it's so BIG and SPACIOUS and WORTH THE MONEY!!!!! it's not even expensive! :DD too big we didnt cherish it until we went to kenting/taipei. LOL TTM!


kenting - 2 days!
(easier to blog about this part!)

we took a cab from our hotel in kaoshiung down to kenting! 2 hours ride. and we almost died!!! rah. the driver drove at 120km/h when it was RAINING CATS & DOGS! the car skidded so many times that we were really all freaked out. diferent ways of handling this too. lq couldn't bear to sleep cos she's worried and she's the front passenger! nat, lisi and myself, slept because we couldn't bear to watch. it was a long, long ride... F

FINALLY we got to kenting! but i was half-dead already. :(( was a dampen because it kept raining :( and we only had 2 days there! we stayed at this MIN SHU which has no elevator!! gosh, and my luggage is like SUPER DUPER HEAVY! we can't even check in when we were there, so we gotta wait at the 'so-called' lobby. :(( not a good start for our adventure in kenting! so we walked out to the streets to look for FOOOOOD! it was really quite hilarious thinking back now, four of us, four umbrellas, walking in the rain. really quite a sight.

the rain subsided in the afternoon and we went for WATER SPORTS!!!!!! 500 NT per person for about 2 hours! works out to be about 25sgd for 2hours. it was quite exhilarating to say the least. snorkeling, speed boat, banana boat, duck web and our 'instructor' gave us free jetski cos we're not locals! :D the water sports are damn fun!!!! <3 haha mad love. (pity i didnt do any in phuket with my diver boyf! rah!) we took a shower in those container toilets and it STINKS ttm! we applied our snorkeling skills - not breathing through your nose!! lol. very embarrassing but fun!! <3 hahah

day two:

Saturday, June 19, 2010, 6:49 PM

flight's delayed for more than an hour. supposed to take off at 710pm, due to problems with ground landing, we took off only at 835pm. got back to singapore at 1245.

phillip came to pick me up, he didn't want to trouble my dad. plus my dad sprained his ankle whilst i was away. :( thankfully he's okay now! went to 85 to eat bachormee! craving.

i'm bloggin whilst waiting for phillip to join us for family dinner tonight!